Commercial Food Photography

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Commercial Food Photography

Food photography – Editorial – Product photography

Commercial food photography in Plymouth, Devon is a specialised skill deployed by Magdalena Hendey and can be used for editorials with product photographs.

We have recently completed a commercial food photography project for Danepak as part of their new UK product range launch.

The images have been widely used by Danepak’s marketing team on their company website and as part of a large social media campaign on Facebook.

We can create, style and photograph food imagery for your next commercial food photography project either in the studio or on location.

We have a vast collection of photography props on hand to allow us to create the perfect image.

We can offer a full service for editorial features from devising recipes and cooking the product to the finished product photographs.

We have a vast amount of experience in producing commercial food photography images for websites, print media and publishing.

In the world of commercial food photography, what seperates professional, worthy food images from counterparts that are less impressive, is not only the equipment used but is also a keen understanding of an appealing image and what it takes to compose such an image and one must have the confidence to execute that vision effectively.

A commercial food photographer may take the perfect photograph, and whilst doing so may not instantly understand why it is special, but the fact remains that a host of fundamental skills came together to make it happen.

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