Tiramisu is one of my favourite desserts. I must admit in our house I only serve the proper adult version, no whipped cream in sight. It is a perfect marriage of coffee, alcohol, dark chocolate and creamy mascarpone. Did I mention that it is easy, so easy, almost effortless. I like to make mine in individual glasses, it looks very pretty and also kind of forces you to be slightly restrained and not to scoff all of it in one go. I am definitely making Tiramisu again this Christmas!






(makes 6 individual ones)

250g tub of mascarpone cheese


50g castor sugar

1tsp vanilla essence (optional)

300ml  strong coffee

rum ( Tia Maria works well), don’t be shy, 4/5 tbsp

dark chocolate, chopped

sponge biscuits, I have used trifle sponges, one for each of the glasses.

Whisk the egg whites until stiff and set it aside.

Place the egg yolks and sugar in a mixer with whisk attachment and whisk until pale and creamy consistency. Add the mascarpone cheese, a little at the time and keep mixing slowly until all incorporated. I also add a drop of vanilla essence or a vanilla pod but this is optional.

Fold in the egg whites, very gently, you should have a mix which is a mousse like consistency.

Make a strong coffee, espresso or very strong instant coffee. Mix with the alcohol. Cut the trifle sponge in a finger like shapes and dip the sponges until they absorb fluid all the way through. Lift and place at the bottom of a glass. Add chopped dark chocolate and a large spoonful of mascarpone. Repeat again as another layer with mascarpone on the top, chopped dark chocolate. To finish of, dust with cocoa powder. Cover with a cling film and place in a fridge. Keeps well for up to a week.


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