studioseven (1 of 5) Almond and orange cake         

  untitled (1 of 1) Apple cake                                         

        MAG_2229 Banana, dark chocolate, pecan

  MAG_5004 Baked cheesecake

 Biscotti Biscotti

 black forest gateau-48 Black Forrest Gateau

 MAG_7314 Blueberry cheesecake

  MAG_7419 Blueberry pie

  MAG_6233 Blueberry tart

  cake (1 of 1)cake (1 of 1)cake (4 of 4)Carrot cake Carrot cake

   Chocolate BrownieMAG_2232 Chocolate brownie

         Dark chocolate and raspberry cake. Devil’s food cake

         Magdalena Hendey-0926 Chocolate pavlova

         MAG_2197 Dark chocolate terrine

     chocolate cookies Double chocolate cookies

        Magdalena Hendey-5444  Eclairs with Coffee and Tia            Maria cream and dark chocolate

    Fraisier cake Fraisier cake

    hummingbird cake (1 of 3) Hummingbird cake 

    jamming (1 of 6) Jammy Dodgers

    jamming (6 of 6) Jam roulade

    jamming (4 of 6) Jam tartlets

    Magdalena Hendey-1290 Lemon curd cheesecake

    Magdalena Hendey-1170 Lemon curd

Lemon Tart   Lemon Tart with Italian meringue

      Magdalena Hendey-2532 Macaroons

      cinnamon rolls Maple syrup and cinnamon rolls

          Magdalena Hendey (4 of 6)-2 Mince Pies

    MAG_8432 Oat and walnut biscuits

          Magdalena Hendey-3417  Pecan Tart

    Magdalena Hendey-1440 Rhubarb crumble

    Magdalena Hendey-3316 Rhubarb fool

    magdalenahendey (1 of 3) Scones

    MAG_7176 Semifreddo

    Heart shaped shortbread Shortbread biscuits

    Tiramisu   Tiramisu

     MAG_7220   Turkish Delight

    plums-39 Yoghurt Sponge with plums


Magdalena Hendey (1 of 1) Beetroot soup

Magdalena Hendey (4 of 6) Butternut Squash and Goats cheese pasties

Magdalena Hendey-4947 Cheese and onion scones

Bread Med Bread

Pitta bread and hummus Pitta Bread

MAG_5275 Raspberry Dressing 

      Ricotta  Ricotta Cheese

     Tomato and chilli chutney Tomato and chilli chutney

2 thoughts on “Recipes”

  1. pls. can I have the recipe for your mincepies, I sampled one recently on a visit to your fabulous coffee shop you are no doubt an amazing baker. I make orange pastry mince pies and I thought they were the best, but not since I’ve tasted yours!!!!!!

    Sally Mardell

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